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Mon & Tue       3:30 - 10pm

Wed & Thu     11am - 10pm 

Fri                 11am - 11pm 

Sat              12noon - 11pm 

Sun                11am - 10pm


Tito & Roxana Vizurraga are proudly continuing their restaurant
business since February 1996.

They started the business as "El Jalapeno" and then decided to
change their own name as "Casa Sol" by 2008, improving the
quality in every area.
Their love & passion for the Traditional Mexican Food started since
the very beginning using unique inspired recipes, special ingredients,
new techniques preparing the food and the quality of their specialties
and signature dishes.


Casa Sol is a fusion of the Old Mexican Cuisine - Tex Mex combine with innovative contemporary creations of new dishes and we have to mention the constant evolution of the restaurant décor during their almost 19 years of business.
They always had in mind to create the feeling of being in a real Authentic Mexican Casa Hacienda with handpainted imported Mexican tiles and the paintings that they have are unique and truly enjoyable; the Water Fountain outside lives the impression of a small Plaza. The idea was to bring a piece of Mexico to Villa Rica.
Casa Sol Restaurant will serve you as part of their family and their goal is to give you the best service and freshest food possible in a warm friendly environment.

We want to give thanks to all that have been supporting us through all these years, Casa Sol Mexican Restaurant.

Come and visit us soon !!!




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